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School Leadership Study

Principals play a vital role in setting the direction for successful schools, but existing knowledge on the best ways to prepare and develop highly qualified principals is sparse. To fill in the gaps, a major research effort is underway to determine what is known about principal preparation and development, what works, and how to create scalable models that can bring effective leadership to all America's schools. The research project, "School Leadership Study: Developing Successful Principals," was commissioned by The Wallace Foundation and undertaken by Stanford University in conjunction with The Finance Project. This research began in Fall of 2004 and will continue over the next three years.

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Main Publications:
(requires Acrobat Reader)

• Study Overview

• Review of Research
Hard copies of the Review of Research can also be purchased for$6. To purchase online visit this link or contact us.

Technical Report

Executive Summary
Hard copies of the Executive Summary can also be purchased for$10. To purchase online visit this link or contact us.

• Case Study Summaries

Press Releases

Read papers presented by School Leadership Study researchers.

In the News

• Our Children (a magazine of the PTA)
Winter 07-08
"The Evolution of School Leadership: New Roles and Programs for Principals that help Students Succeed" (pdf file)

• Carnegie Reporter
Fall 2006
The School Leadership Crisis: Have School Principals Been Left Behind?

• ASCA Leadership Magazine
Fall 2006
"Effective Schools Require Effective Principals" (PDF file)

Research Team

Titles and bios of researchers

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